Enjoy Amazing “Sound Without Speakers”!

Induction Dynamics® SolidDrive turns any rigid or semi-rigid surfaces into speakers!

SolidDrive can turn your otherwise “boring” glass shop window, wooden panels or even your bath tub into an amazing sound system! Imagine being able to finally let your customers hear the music and advertisements that you are playing right on your shop window! Put your interactive catalog on display! Let customers surf your website! play CDs! Launch new music albums! Play movie trailers or demo games with full sound!

Better yet, if you want full interactively, combine SolidDrive with our unique Ubiq’wIndow for a Complete Interactive Multimedia Crowd-Puller right on your shop window!

It can also be installed directly behind walls for a truly inside-wall speaker – turning the entire wall into a sound source. Sound is generated from the wall that now functions as a large acoustic radiating surface immersing the listener in sound.

Why Use The SolidDrive Sound System ?
  •  Transforms walls, ceilings, floors and tables into sound sources
  •  No visible speakers or wiring
  •  Immerses listeners in sound
  •  Omni directional at nearly all frequencies
  •  Channel Separation is maintained
  •  Delivers sound to problem areas

SolidDrive is also highly efficient and compact. It has no moving coils, cones or surrounds. This makes SolidDrive extremely reliable to withstand abusive environments and maintain a long service life. Traditional limitations such as placement, panel size and flexibility in installing a sound system are no longer constraints. SolidDrive also generates virtually no heat due to its extremely low power consumption.  In fact, SolidDrive can generate sound with as little as 5 to 15 watts!

 has EIGHT (8) patents protecting its amazing technology and its construction!

The SolidDrive utilizes patent-pending dual-voice coil technology in an aluminum enclosure to transfer acoustic energy to any substrate. Symmetrically opposed neodymium magnets and specifically engineered mounting hardware results in hidden planar-source acoustics. The result is acoustical uniformity throughout the listening space.

SD1g – Glass Applications
Attaches to glass and other nonporous surfaces using double-sided adhesive disk (included). Each SD1g is designed for one channel of audio. An optional equalization module (listed below) optimizes the SD1g for use on glass.

SD1sm – Wood Applications
Attaches to wood and similar surfaces using included wood screws. Each SD1sm is designed for one channel of audio. An optional equalization module (listed below) optimizes the SD1sm for use on wood surfaces.

SD1 Desktop Kit 250
The SolidDrive SD1 Desktop Kit-250 is the ideal way to see how the SolidDrive works on any surface. The SolidDrive unit in the kit has a special silicon backing so it will work with virtually any surface without scratching or leaving a mark. The kit is also includes the SD-250 amplifier. This is a 50 watts rms per channel amplifier that can run in stereo, mono, or bridged with balanced or unbalanced inputs. But most importantly it has custom electronic EQs for glass, sheet rock, wood, or bypass. Having the correct power and the right EQ will make the AD sound its best.
Sound Transducer for Sound Masking Applications
The MSK-1 by SolidDrive is an economical hidden planar-source sound transducer designed for sound masking on drywall, glass and wood. Featuring a rugged aluminum enclosure with neodymium magnets, the MSK-1 uses technology similar to our patented SD1 transducers to transfer acoustic energy to the substrate. The result is extremely wide and even audio coverage and acoustical uniformity in the listening space.

You have to hear it to believe it!

Call us for a live demo to hear it for yourself.