High precision sensors brings interactivity to any flat surface

Ubiq’window is a family of sensors which accurately tracks fingers close to the flat surface.

Touchless interactivity is the next frontier of interactivity as it lets users keep natural and swift gestures when interacting with digital contents.

Ubiq’window’s technology is 100% computer vision-based. Cameras track fingers and “triangulate” their position with maximum accuracy (2mm) even when installed at 3 meters.

Ubiq’window relies on multiple core functions:

  • shape recognition tracking
  • multi-point interactivity
  • stereo vision for better accuracy
  • Ubiq’window is available in 5 dimensions ranging from 80cm to 2 meters to accommodate all types of integrations.

Ubiq’window unique features:

  • no need for contact with the surface
  • weather-proof, work under the sun as well as in total obscurity
  • 24 pre-packaged gestures
  • keeps display clarity
  • invisible to user and out of reach

Do you  want your business or shop to :

  • attract more attention and customers?
  • showcase your products and services differently?
  • get direct feedback from your customers?
  • let your customers interact with your products?
  • give them the most immersive multimedia experience ever?


Imagine if you could do all that right on your;

  • retail shop or showroom window!
  • an exhibtion booth or display!
  • on an existing plasma or video display!
  • on a bare wall or partition!

Well, now you can, with ….

Ubiq’window is a unique solution which brings interactivity to any type of flat surface. This may be a retail shop window, doors, walls, posters or even shelves! It is also very easy to install and extremely easy to use. Ubiq’window offers one of the most flexible interactive solution on the market today. Your customers or potential clients can easily navigate the display with just a finger!  No special training or equipment is required for the user. It is as simple as moving their finger around the surface of the display just like using a mouse.

Ubiq’window is ideal for delivering;
  • Corporate Communications
  • Interactive Advertisements
  • Product Marketing & Promotions
  • Public Information & Announcements

The interactive interface enables you to deliver; 

  • Much more details
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Collect direct customer feedback
  • Most importantly, attract more attention and customers!


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