breakthrough technology

IM3 Asia Pte Ltd was the pioneering company in Singapore to bring in LM3 Labs’s innovative interactive technology solution called Ubiq’window for the local Singapore market in early 2005. As with any new technology, we have been actively promoting and marketing interactive technology as the next evolution for advertising and marketing.

We literally brought the Ubiq’window experience right into our prospective client’s office with our LIVE interactive demonstration that showcases the power and potential of this amazing technology.

However, as Ubiq’window only provided the human interactive part of the a complete “sight and sound” experience, IM3 Asia subsequently pioneered the introduction of another new and innovative solution to achieve the “sound experience”!

The revolutionary Induction Dynamics “Sound Without Speakers” Solid|Drive Sound System arrived on our shores. Solid|Drive produces sound from semi-solid surfaces like glass or wood by vibrating the surface turning it into an acoustic-radiating medium just like a normal speaker. With its patented technologies, Solid|Drive attached surfaces can reproduce superb quality sound that is comparable to high quality standing speakers.

Now, by combining Ubiq’window and Solid|Drive, we have achieved the Ultimate Sight and Sound Experience Solution!